The Relationship Between Valet Trash Companies and Property Management Companies

Property management companies love the valet trash services since it ensures the community is clean and well-presented during leasing hours. They also like the no-risk added monthly income. Problems arise when there’s a lack of dependability and transparency in the valet trash operations. Finding a technology partner like that provides accountability and reliability can improve the relationship between valet trash companies and property managers. Read on to learn more.

The Challenges

Running a valet trash company isn’t a menial task. There is constant pressure to attract and maintain clients to ensure that the business grows at a sustainable rate. On top of that, you have to juggle administrative tasks to ensure your team performs as expected and communicate service-related issues to property management.

Property management is demanding too. Property managers have to ensure that they collect rent payments on time, maintain the property and attract clients to fill vacancies. All this takes effort and proper management of the budget. Property managers have to dedicate much of their time to complete the tasks. Because of this, most property managers outsource waste management services.

Property managers encounter several challenges when they outsource waste management services. Take the case of a service provider who promises to make trash collections at a particular time then they show up late or they never show up at all. Also, consider the added manual processes of managing violations, leading to the added workload to ensure resident compliance to waste collection rules. Such frustrations leave property managers hopping from one company to the next looking for a provider who will tend to their needs.

The Solution

The solution to these challenges lies in building a trustworthy relationship. This is possible by using technology to create a platform for interacting on a real-time basis. Trash Scan is one of these platforms – it helps to foster the relationship between property managers and valet trash companies.

Some of the ways the app achieves this is by:

  • Porter Route Tracking: Managers need to be aware of what the porters are doing each time they are on duty. The porter functions on Trash Scan enable you to set up checkpoints along the service routes and schedule routes for the waste collection team. This enables the tracking and managing of your porters when they are out in the field.
  • Interactive real-time dashboards: This feature enhances real-time communication between property managers and managers of valet trash companies. Valet Trash company supervisors and managers use it to provide service updates to their property managers. Property managers use it to communicate with waste collection teams and report violations in real-time. It’s great for increasing the value of your business
  • GPS and Geofencing: GPS tracking and geofencing are location monitoring tools. Administrators of waste management firms use GPS and Geofence technologies to track the activities of field employees and ensure they are truly at the location where service is to be provided. All to bring property managers the assurance that the services are getting done each night as expected. There are also features to notify property managers when porters arrive at the site to perform services.

Improve the Relationship Between Property Managers and Valet Trash Companies With Trash Scan

Transparency and dependability are the blocks for building trust with property managers in the valet trash collection business. Trash Scan helps to nurture this trust, and through the app, valet trash collectors can track and ensure their porters deliver on clients satisfactorily. It also makes it easier for valet trash companies to take remedial actions since property managers can report violations promptly. Further, Trash Scan enhances dependability on valet trash collectors through the geofencing feature that assures clients that the porters are on site to complete their tasks. If you are a valet trash company ready to take the relationship with clients to the next level, schedule a demo with Trash Scan now.