Waste and Recycling: 6 Ways to Efficiently Manage and Dispose Waste in Apartment Buildings


Managing waste disposal and recycling is challenging in multi-family complexes. If you don’t organize these processes, you may constantly need to clean breezeways to eliminate spilled garbage. Besides, you might lose tenants and find it tough to attract new ones to the property.

Managing waste and hauling it efficiently simplifies property management. Here are six practical tips to streamline these processes and avoid tenant conflicts.

1. Create a Recycling System

Incorporating a recycling system in your garbage management process will help you reduce wastage. Find a trash service company that offers recycling as part of their package. Alternatively, work with recyclers in your area to collect the garbage and free up the community dumpsters.

Educating your tenants is vital when creating a waste recycling system. Ensure residents understand how to categorize garbage into recyclables and non-recyclables. Further, advise them to flatten cardboard boxes before placing them in bins to lower the volume of trash.

2. Fence the Garbage Disposal Area

An open garbage disposal area can complicate waste management in many ways. For example, the trash may blow to neighboring houses and hallways, affecting the appearance of an apartment complex. An unsecured disposal area will also attract rodents that tear garbage bags and scatter the waste.

Fence your garbage disposal area to reduce trash scatter and enhance safety. You may also lock the entrance and issue tenants with keys so they can access the site when necessary.

3. Get Valet Trash Services

Valet trash services are the ultimate solution to waste management problems. These will help you eliminate unsightly community dumpsters. You will also increase convenience for tenants since they only need to place the garbage at their doors on specific days.

Getting valet trash services will keep your apartment clean and tidy. Additionally, it prevents bug and rodent infestations associated with communal dumpsters. This step also simplifies waste sorting and recycling while saving time for the residents.

4. Expand the Waste Management Area

Using a small waste management area can prompt tenants to pile garbage. It also makes it challenging to sort waste and recycle.

Expand the waste management area in your apartment complex by adding dumpsters. Ideally, you should provide at least five bin categories and label them correctly. You can also color-code them and inform tenants which waste should go into each container.

5. Implement Waste Disposal Rules

Another way to increase waste management and disposal efficiency is by implementing rules. Ensure all tenants tie garbage bags before placing them in dumpsters to reduce spillage. Besides, have cameras in the waste disposal area to ensure residents correctly categorize garbage.

Property managers should ensure tenants only use the proper facilities for waste disposal. Hence, it’s best to prohibit the residents in your multi-family complex from throwing trash out of the window. Further, hold parties that break such rules accountable by imposing fines or penalties.

Implementing rules ensures residents understand their roles in waste management. You can also reduce your apartment’s carbon footprint and create a sustainable environment.

6. Use a Cloud-Based App for Waste Management

A cloud-based app is a cost-effective tool for managing waste. Such a solution will allow you to determine if your service provider is collecting trash at the right time. You can also identify if the porters miss pick up and raise the issue to the company.

Cloud-based solutions streamline the waste management process in various ways. First, you can identify tenants that don’t throw away waste correctly based on violations sent by the service provider. You may then forward the complaints to the residents and follow up to ensure compliance.

Streamline Waste Disposal and Management With the Trash Scan App

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