Get more out of your valet trash services

According to Smart Business Magazine, valet waste began in 1995 and by 2006, the concept of doorstep trash removal became a nationwide service. As a result, several national companies now have a stake in the multi-billion dollar industry2. Over 15,000 private waste management companies started in 2014 alone.

As the market continues to grow, so will the availability of the service. The greatest growth has been over the last 15 years. It has become an industry game changer3 making headlines as a top amenity sought out by residents. Apartment style homes gain more than just trash removal from their doorstep.

For residents, valet trash provides:

  • a cleaner curbside appeal and breezeways;
  • a form of crime deterrence;
  • and residents no longer have to make trips to the dumpster at night or in adverse weather conditions

Properties benefit as well. With an added amenity all residents use, communities and apartment complexes increase their net operating income while maintaining the appearance of the property. Valet waste removal continues to grow in popularity as a luxury apartment amenity. It is now voted as one of the most requested amenity amongst apartment residents.

As a result, valet trash is quickly becoming a standard feature amongst apartment complexes and an expectation amongst residents.

Full transparency of your valet trash services and analytics to drive recycle program success

Being a property manager is very demanding. Rent collection, maintenance, attracting new customers, and managing the budget does not leave much time for waste management. Every multifamily community deals with waste management and valet trash has become a standard. While valet trash does offer opportunities to enhance property appearance and increase net operating income, it also can become a hassle in dealing with customer complaints of missed pickups and handling violations sent by the valet trash service provider.

Get more out of your valet trash services

Trash Scan keeps you informed when your valet trash company is on site and provides a documented report of what was done. Additionally, tenant trash violations are fully managed online to streamline end to end management of violations from capture to submission of violations to the tenant. Reach out to us today to find out how Trash Scan can enhance the valet trash services at your community.


Organizing garbage collection, recycling, and sorting as a property manager can be tricky. Without the right strategies, your apartment complex may look unappealing and harbor pests. Valet trash is the ultimate way to ensure your apartment stays clean and tidy. Here, we help you learn more about this service and its benefits by answering frequently asked questions.

What Is Valet Trash?

Valet trash is a garbage collection and sorting service provided to apartment complexes and senior living communities. The service provider offers bins and garbage paper to tenants. They then collect the waste on scheduled days at the front door or in a particular area on the breezeway.

How Can Valet Trash Increase Curb Appeal to My Apartment Buildings?

Valet trash will increase your apartment’s curb appeal by eliminating spillage and debris in breezeways and hallways due to residents hauling trash to community dumpsters. Adding a service to eliminate resident trips to dumpsters means that your dumpster area has a higher chance of remaining tidy.

Valet trash companies offering dumpster cleaning services will boost curb appeal by eliminating unsightly trash and bulk materials that may attract flies and bugs.

How Can Valet Trash Help Increase My Apartment Complex Occupancy Rate?

Another way valet trash will boost the occupancy rate is by increasing convenience and safety. Having the service highlighted within your advertising package for your community can help you attract more tenants.

How Can I Hire a Reliable Valet Trash Service Provider for My Apartment Complex?

Before hiring a valet trash service provider, assess their quality of services by reading reviews. Besides, compare their costs against those offered by other companies in the industry.

An ideal valet trash service provider should be transparent and accountable. Moreover, they should collect waste at the agreed time and communicate violations.

Can Valet Trash Be a Profitable Revenue Stream for My Apartment Complex?

Valet trash can be a good source of income for your apartment. Leverage this service by requiring your clients to pay a higher amount than the one charged by the company. For example, impose an additional $20 on rent for each tenant if the valet trash provider requires $10 per door.

As a Property Manager, How Do I Ensure a Valet Trash Service Provider Is Doing Their Job?

The best way to ensure a valet trash company does its job is by using a service management solution. A tool like the Trash Scan App will give you access to arrival and completion updates from the valet trash service provider. You may also use it to manage violation documentation submitted from the valet trash team.

How Can Valet Trash Service Help with Recycling and Keeping a Clean Environment?

Valet trash companies use lofty standards to categorize recyclable and non-recyclable items. They also partner with recycling centers to lower the garbage going into landfills. With their service, you can maintain a clean environment, meet local regulatory requirements, and reduce your community’s carbon footprint.

How Can I Efficiently Manage the Valet Porters Schedule and Tasks?

Using a mobile app is the best way valet trash service providers manage their employees when running a valet trash company. A tool like Trash Scan provides personalized work plans employees can use to schedule their tasks and route completion. Property managers and valet trash supervisors may then view this information on a web-based dashboard.

As A Property Manager, I Would Like Efficiency in Operations. How Can a Cloud-based App Help Me Achieve This?

A cloud-based app will provide a dashboard you can use to manage violations. Here, you will receive complaints and image attachments from the service provider. You may then forward them to tenants to avoid the violations in the future.

Another way a cloud-based valet trash app boosts efficiency is by facilitating communication. Your service provider can use the solution to send updates and detailed reports.

Contact Trash Scan for More Information on Valet Trash

Valet trash has many benefits to apartment complex managers and service providers. At Trash Scan, we provide a solution to help both parties boost efficiency and transparency. Contact us now for more information on our app.

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