Trash Scan Waste Management Cloud Solution

Simple Setup. Powerful Features.

Establish Efficiency and Integrity for Your Valet Trash Business

A Digital Platform Creates A Competitive Edge

Across the nation, all aspects of the waste industry (public and private; collection, processing, and disposal) have recognized the necessity of a service tracking software6. All share the common goals of customer satisfaction, retention, and being environmentally friendly. Entire municipalities are switching from traditional methods of accountability to a field GPS solution.

As a result, private and public waste collection companies are efficiently managing their workforce, billing, and reporting procedures. Additionally, the use of a technology based platform provides raw data for these companies.

By using geo fencing software, valet waste companies:
• increase service levels,
• implement recycling initiatives,
• eliminate clerical errors from manual data entry and billing, and
• expand their clientele with retention.

This ultimately meets local government policies. The success of nationwide valet waste services can attribute its growth to the use of waste reporting software.

The Leading Mobile App for Valet Waste

As a growing, $80 billion industry, thousands of companies are benefitting from the waste production of consumers. Valet trash is one aspect of the industry gaining a stronger foot hold in the collection of waste management. Undoubtedly, companies with a digital platform are the competition and leaders of the valet trash industry. Today, growing companies now have access to the same cutting edge technology. They also can acquire raw data, streamline their operations, become more sustainable, and add value to their business without adding overhead costs. Trash Scan App is the digital platform available for all valet trash companies. It is customizable to fit all unique business models.

Trash Scan App is the digital platform available for all valet trash companies. It is customizable to fit all unique business models. Trash Scan App has geo-fencing technology, real time reporting, and confirmation of services all visible through a user friendly dashboard. Residents and property managers can see the quality, efficiency, and accountability of your waste management while adding profitability and enhanced operations to your valet trash companies.


Added Accountability of your Team

Realtime Visibility For Valet Trash Managers

Simplify Reporting to Property Managers

Flexible Deployment Options Based On Your Needs

No QR Codes

Not interested in using QR Codes to track your services?  You can use Trash Scan to track employee clock in/out activity, get notifications when team members arrive to property sites, document observations and report violations seamlessly to property managers.

Service Tracking Using Checkpoints

Use our Checkpoints to add accountability and assurance that your team has serviced each door nightly.  Our Checkpoint design allows you to place QR Codes at marked locations within the property.

Service Tracking by Apartment Door

Track services provided by placing QR Codes at each door.  Using the level of tracking gives clear visibility of service history to each resident.


Track Employee Clock In And Out Activities. Get Notified Of Late Arrivals Or No Shows And Easily Export For Payroll Processing.

Stay Informed On Waste Collection Activities And Contact Employees At Job Sites Directly From Our Mobile App.

Streamline Management Of Service Observations From Documentation Of The Issue To Resident Violations Notifications.

Deliver Added Value To Your Property Managers By Giving Them Direct Access To Service Reports And Capabilities To Manage Resident Violations Reported.