5 Tips to Manage and Retain Customers for Your Waste Management Business

Getting a new customer is challenging and about five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Most businesses report that their profits increase by at least 25 % when they maintain most of their clients.

After starting a waste management business, you will spend numerous resources on marketing to build a solid customer base. If you are not careful, you may lose them, incur losses, and spend more money on advertising campaigns.

However, proper business conduct can boost your market size and help you expand your business. Here are five tips to help you manage your clients and increase your retention rate.

1. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Lack of good client relations can frustrate your customers and prompt them to shift to competitors. So, have various channels where they can reach you if they have concerns. These may include phone numbers that are available 24/7 and a live chat on your website.

You should also ensure that you respond to their inquiries fast and in a friendly manner. If a client complains about a specific issue, for instance, delayed trash collection, address it and ensure it does not occur in the future.

Another way to offer excellent customer service is by responding to messaging on your social media pages. This technique will allow efficient communication and help you get constructive feedback about your services.

2. Use Technology

Running a waste management business with many clients can be challenging. You may forget to schedule collection days and find it hard to track your porters. However, using mobile apps can simplify various processes and help you retain customers.

You will also be able to track your employees to ensure that they deliver timely services. Another benefit of using digital platforms is that they allow you to analyze business performance. You can then use this information to determine what to improve for better client management.

3. Educate Your Clients

Some of your clients may lack adequate knowledge of waste management. This issue may lead to constant disagreements between them and your porters, affecting your business. Therefore, use various platforms to educate the community on subjects like proper waste disposal and recycling.

If your clients gain knowledge at no extra cost when they hire your services, they are more likely to stay and recommend others. Aside from that, this process will equip them with essential waste management skills and ease work for your employees.

4. Manage Growth

Market needs may change with time due to technological advancements and lifestyle changes. When you focus too much on growing the business, you may fail to observe such trends and lose customers.

As your company expands, hire enough employees to avoid neglecting some operations. Further, put your customers first by learning more about their needs and offering services that suit their lifestyle.

It would be best if you switched from traditional waste management methods to advanced ones. Such may include bins with a QR code and digital platforms that allow you to track operations.

5. Monitor Your Employees

While most of your employees may focus on achieving common goals, some might run personal errands during business hours and miss pick-ups. If you do not track operations, you cannot determine how your workers serve clients in the field.

Take better control of your business by using methods like geofencing to monitor site attendance. This digital feature will help you track employees and ensure your clients get high-quality services.

Increase Customer Retention with Trash Scan

Using the right tools to manage clients can increase satisfaction and boost the retention rate. At Trash Scan, we provide a digital platform to help you track business operations. You can use our programs to educate your clients and communicate with them for better service delivery. Reach out to us today to schedule a demo and grow your enterprise.