A Detailed Guide to Using Waste Management Cloud Solution

The demand for valet trash services increases daily due to lifestyle changes. Still, running such a business can be an uphill task if you have many clients. You have to deal with recording keeping, creating reports, and sending invoices to property managers.

If you do not use creative business methods and technology in your company, you may lose business. Besides, it may be hard to create a balance between business operations and customer service. Having the right cloud solution allows you to connect with clients and compete better with other companies.

Here, we discuss how to use a waste management cloud solution to increase efficiency and organize processes. We will also explain some of the things to look for when getting a waste management cloud solution.

Create Schedules

One challenge that valet trash business owners deal with is concierge trash porter missing pick-ups. This issue can arise if a client does not take their trash out during the collection day or if a porter fails to pick it. Having a cloud solution helps you create a clear collection schedule to avoid such cases.

Some of the details you can include in the schedule are clients’ names, addresses, pick-up times, and the employee offering the service. When getting waste management software, it’s advisable to pick one that notifies you of upcoming collections.

This feature will help your employees plan their activities and pick-up routes. You should also pick one that allows you to share schedules with clients for easier operations.

Use Cloud Solutions to Manage Your Employees

Keeping track of employee activities can be a challenging task when running a valet trash business. But, with a cloud solution like TrashScanapp.com, you can log in to assess how your employees work in the field. You can also use the saved data to perform service audits and employee appraisals.

Aside from that, features such as GPS tracking and geofencing will help you identify the exact location of a specific porter. This information can improve accountability among staff members and allow you to offer better services. It also enables you to keep time and build a good relationship with customers.

Educate Your Clients

A waste management cloud solution can do more than just storing and analyzing data. These programs also come with tools to help you improve communication and customer service.

Use them to educate your clients on basic waste management skills and recycling. You can also apply various features to track the recycling behavior of clients that live in shared properties.

Another way to connect with your customers using waste management cloud solutions is by responding to their inquiries. By doing this, you will build a good brand reputation and learn how to make better business decisions in the future.  

Streamline Task Management

Valet trash cloud solutions allow you to plan work and streamline activities in your company. Employees can use mobile apps to log in and create schedules based on their pick-up routes. Once they get to the field, they will only need to scan emptied bins to confirm service delivery. The software will then update the information on the dashboard and help them avoid writing it down.

Another way you can use cloud solutions to streamline activities is by automating reporting. Instead of having manual records and typing them daily, this feature will help you generate detailed statements. You can then use these reports to create invoices and send them to customers or property managers.

Get The Best Cloud Solution for Your Valet Trash Business

Using waste management technology designed for specific business needs can help you in many ways. At TrashScan, we offer a cloud solution with all the tools needed to ease business operation. With our program, you can manage clients, report valet trash violations, and track your employees when they are in the field. If you are looking for technology to help you achieve sustainable growth, reach out to us to schedule a demo.