Hit the Bullseye With Your First Clients

Showcase your credibility and accountability to secure,score, & seize your first client

Obtaining your first client is challenging. How do they know your company is credible? With the TrashScan App, your first client, and each one after, will know your brand IS quality service. By using a digital platform, you can show your customer the type of accountability associated with your services using a variety of features provided by the app: geo-fencing to show when porters are at the property, real time updates of porters checking in on-site and upon completion of each unit, and documented transparency of each violation and completed task. All of these features and more available at your fingertips via any smartphone or your desktop will unmistakably show your clients the credibility of your brand.


Porter functions supported such as violations and special service request

Interactive real-time dashboards available for status updates and service audit

Waste reduction community platform to educate and track recycling behavior for multifamily properties

Support for junk removal work order management

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