Benefits of Using Cloud Based Trash Scan App to Manage Valet Trash Services

Valet trash is the ultimate way for apartment managers and valet trash service providers to partner together for an effective recycling and waste hauling program. Such services also increase convenience for tenants and make apartments more attractive.

Still, managing valet trash services is a headache for apartment complex managers. This aspect is because they may lack the means to assess service delivery and keep clients happy. Valet trash service providers also find it tough to observe their porters and assign tasks.

If you are an apartment manager or valet trash service provider, you may wonder how to avoid such problems. Read on to understand how the cloud based Trash Scan app can simplify your work and help you make more money.

The Benefits of Trash Scan App to Property Managers

Trash Scan app presents many benefits to apartment complex managers. Most of these pros will simplify your work and ensure you get more value for valet trash services

  1. Higher Accountability
    Trash Scan allows you to improve provider accountability and ensure your tenants get high-quality services. This aspect is since you can view porters’ real-time locations on a map and determine when they get to your property.Such a feature allows you to confirm if they offer timely services. If not, you may forward the complaint to your service provider to avoid losing tenants.
  2. Easier Solution to Tenant Complaints
    Some tenants may complain that they are not getting valet trash services. Trash Scan app allows you to verify the credibility of such matters. Using the cloud-based app, you can confirm the units porters served on a particular date and time.
  1. More Revenue from Violations
    Tenants agree to follow certain conduct when getting valet trash services. For instance, they must keep all their garbage in the bags and bins provided by a company. They must also flatten or break down large boxes to fit in the container, or else they will pay an agreed fine.

Trash Scan app allows you to identify tenants violating such rules and charge them accordingly. This way, you can generate more income and avoid conflicts with your service provider.

The Benefits of Trash Scan App to Valet Trash Companies

Managing a valet trash company can be tricky since your employees are often in the field. Luckily, you can streamline various processes and ease work for your team using the Trash Scan app. Here are some key benefits of the software to valet trash service providers.

  1. Easier Task Assignment
    Trash Scan app allows you to create reportable tasks for your team. Under this feature, you assign specific apartments to porters and include a work description. You may also set the date, time and frequency you want them to service the building. Such a feature allows you to avoid the stress of holding regular meetings to designate work.
  2. Improved Employee Management
    Trash Scan app allows you to simplify employee management. Instead of receiving typed or handwritten notes on completed tasks, you can view this information on the app. Once your employees service an apartment unit, they will document the process using various methods. Such are:

    • Videos
    • Photographs
    • Audio
  1. Enhanced Transparency
    Another way you can boost service delivery using Trash Scan is through tracking. The tool allows you to identify when porters clock in and out. Further, you receive notifications if they arrive late to pick up or fail to collect trash.
  1. Easier Analysis of Service Delivery
    Trash Scan app allows you to assess if you offer effective service. The tool will provide reports with crucial analytics. Based on these, you may identify common violation types to identify ways to avoid them and maintain clients.

Improve Your Services with the Trash Scan App

The Trash Scan app provides apartment managers and valet trash service providers with tools to improve transparency. It also allows them to hold tenants and porters accountable for their actions. Schedule a demo now to learn more about the software.