Valet Trash Service Operations: Steps to Consider to Make your Business Profitable in 2023

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Valet trash businesses are profitable and easy to scale due to their rising demand. When running such a company, it’s crucial to focus on market demand and preferences. Likewise, ensure efficient service delivery so that you can retain more clients.

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Here are some measures to boost valet trash profits in 2023.


Monitor Valet Trash Operations

Tracking valet trash operations helps your clients get value for their money. Additionally, it protects your business reputation and increases referrals. Improved visibility into your services will also let you retain an efficient team.

Generate more profits in 2023 by tracking your employees when they are in the field. With a cloud-based app like Trash Scan, you get real-time updates on your team’s activities. For example, you can determine when they clock in and arrive at job sites. Such a tool also updates you upon completion of waste collection services.


Automate Some Operations

Hiring employees to process payrolls, supervise your teams, and liaise with apartment complex managers is costly.

Cut expenses and make your business more profitable by automating some processes. For example, use a cloud-based solution to send updates to property managers. Further, transfer data from the waste management tool for easier payroll processing.

Automating your company’s operation avoids clerical errors from manual data entry. Such may include sending incorrect bills to property managers. You will also prevent costly payroll mistakes like:


  • Overpaying wages
  • Failing to pay for overtime
  • Inaccurate payroll records due to lost time cards


Improve Transparency for Property Managers

Ensuring your valet trash business is transparent can avoid churn. It also allows you to coordinate waste management with the property manager for lower costs.

To boost profits in 2023, deliver added value to your property managers. A perfect way to do so is by allowing direct access to service reports. Use a cloud-based solution that displays a real-time dashboard of service statistics. This will provide property managers with crucial data such as:


  • Pending check-ins
  • The number of violations
  • The number of serviced units
  • Recycling containers collected by porters

Another way to ease work for property managers and boost profits is by creating custom violation reports. These will provide vital information about violations and the required action. Property managers can then view the files and forward them to tenants.


Increase Your Service Levels

Offering several service levels with different pricing can improve the bottom line. Study your clients to identify the add-on services they would prefer. After that, assess the cost of offering these services and compare them against the estimated revenue. It’s also advisable to rank each based on convenience and profitability.

If some of your clients allow tenants to keep animals, consider pet waste station cleaning as an add-on service. You may also offer trash can cleaning and doorstep waste removal for an extra fee.

More add-on services you can use to create service levels are:


  • Day and nighttime trash pick up
  • Bulk waste management
  • Waste sorting and recycling
  • Online waste management communities

Another add-on to include in your service levels is common area cleaning. Here, cover high-traffic areas like elevators, stairs, and entrances. You may also collect trash in apartments when tenants move out or during maintenance projects.

Providing multiple add-ons makes your valet trash services appealing to property managers. You will increase the bottom line and keep customers happy with suitable service packages.


Generate More Profits for Your Valet Trash Company with Trash Scan

While valet trash businesses are lucrative, increasing profits while scaling may be challenging. Luckily, you can manage operations and reduce costs with the right technology.

Trash Scan offers the tools needed to improve business transparency and efficiency. Our cloud-based app allows you to track operations from your mobile phone and manage your teams. It also simplifies client retention and implementing recycling initiatives. Contact us to unlock your valet trash business potential.