Evolution of Valet Trash Industry through Technology During a Global Pandemic

Valet Waste Industry

It’s been a little more than a quarter of a century since the inception of valet trash. Today one of the nation’s top luxury apartment amenities leading to the establishment of a multi-billion-dollar industry.  At its core, valet waste services frees its customers from taking the trash to their communal dumpster. However, communities realize several other benefits are associated with the service:

  • Cleaner breezeways and compactors,
  • Crime deterrence,
  • Weekly visual inspections of the property
  • Compliance with recycling mandates,
  • Safety from the COVID-19 Virus




The benefits have resulted in a blossoming industry on track for continued growth across the nation.  The need for accountability, limited contact, and transparent communication between valet trash companies and its users has caused many to go digital.  Service tracking software, in the form of a mobile app, has become an essential component for the nationally known businesses.  With real time updates and visual confirmation of service violations, a digital platform, provides companies a competitive edge while adhering to local government mandates for social distancing.  As a result, those companies without a valet trash reporting software will struggle to keep pace with their high-tech competitors.  To stay relevant during this industry’s continued growth, valet trash vendors will need to go digital.

Industry Paced for Continued Growth

 According to Smart Business Magazine, valet waste began in 1995 and by 2006, the concept of doorstep trash removal became a nationwide service. As a result, several national companies now have a stake in the multibillion-dollar industry. Over 15,000 private waste management companies started in 2014 alone.

As the market continues to grow, so will the availability of the service. The greatest growth has been over the last 15 years. It has become an industry game changer making headlines as a top amenity sought out by residents. Apartment style homes gain more than just trash removal from their doorstep.

For residents, valet trash provides:

  • A cleaner curbside appeal and breezeways;
  • A form of crime deterrence
  • residents no longer have to make trips to the dumpster at night or in adverse weather conditions
  • and now, residents are able to maintain social distancing practices during the pandemic

Properties benefit as well.  With an added amenity, all residents use, communities and apartment complexes increase their net operating income while maintaining the appearance of the property. Valet waste removal continues to grow in popularity as a luxury apartment amenity. It is now voted as one of the most requested amenities amongst apartment residents.  As a result, valet trash is quickly becoming a standard feature amongst apartment complexes and an expectation amongst residents.

Manor Players Find Success in Technology

 From direct deposit to groceries, to transportation, today’s consumers manage almost all day-to-day tasks via apps on smartphones. The global pandemic has increased the use of apps for many other services.  One of the leading factors of valet waste growth and retention is customer satisfaction. It requires effective and transparent communication between companies, property managers, and residents. This task was time consuming. It required several additional hours of generating and mailing reports, making phone calls, and/or doing a final walk-through of properties.

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National companies have the resources to employ their own software development team and create an internal app for their company. As a result, waste reporting software allows valet trash pickup companies to provide exceptional customer service by having direct oversight and accountability visible in real time to anyone with a smartphone.

Additionally, communities and local governments are implementing more sustainable waste management practices[5]. Consequently, larger companies have an advantage because their customers are provided with useful recycling and waste analytics through visual confirmation to ensure community compliance. The use of valet trash reporting software efficiently steams lines their workforce saving labor hours and excess staff to complete the same tasks. Ultimately, companies have the time to focus on customer retention and product development.

A Digital Platform Creates a Competitive Edge

 Access the nation, all aspects of the waste industry (public and private; collection, processing, and disposal) have recognized the necessity of a service tracking software[6]. All share the common goals of customer satisfaction, retention and being environmentally friendly. Entire municipalities are switching from traditional methods of accountability to a field of GPS solution. As a result, private and public waste collection companies are efficiently managing their workforce, billing, and reporting procedures.  Additionally, the use of a technology-based platform provides raw data for these companies.

By using geo fencing software, valet waste companies:

  • increase service levels,
  • implement recycling initiatives,
  • eliminate clerical errors from manual data entry and billing, and
  • expand their clientele with retention.

This ultimately meets local government policies. The success of nationwide valet waste services can attribute its growth to the use of waste reporting software.

How COVID-19 Creates Greater Demand in Contactless Services

The pandemic has turned the world upside down and every industry has been impacted.  This especially includes the waste industry.   Due to the increase of people remaining at home in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, there has been a significant shift in the amount of commercial and residential waste produced.  Some places in the nation have experienced a spike in residential waste as high as 40 percent.[7] Now, waste management has become  a leading “most dangerous job” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   Without a doubt waste removal services have responded by implementing new policies and regulations for the most appropriate way for trash to be picked up in an effort to keep their essential employees safe.  With increased regulations and the need for this kind of oversight, many have recognized the importance of incorporating technology use into their daily operations to track these changes.

The Leading Mobile App for Valet Waste

 As a growing, $80 billion industry, thousands of companies are benefitting from the waste production of consumers. Valet trash is one aspect of the industry gaining a stronger foot hold in the collection of waste management. Undoubtedly, companies with a digital platform are the competition and leaders of the valet trash industry. Today, growing companies now have access to the same cutting-edge technology. They also can acquire raw data, streamline their operations, become more sustainable, and add value to their business without adding overhead costs. Additionally, due to the pandemic, the use of an app to account for various policy changes necessary to keep porters safe is paramount.  Businesses have found another important need for a digital platform to show their employees they care about their safety to ensure that appropriately sealed trash bags are collected while tracking other daily functions. Trash Scan App is the digital platform available for all valet trash companies. It is customizable to fit all unique business models. Trash Scan App has geo-fencing technology, real time reporting, and confirmation of services all visible through a user-friendly dashboard. Residents and property managers can see the quality, efficiency, and accountability of your waste management while adding profitability and enhanced operations to your valet trash companies.

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