Tips to Solve Growing Waste Management Problem With Valet Trash Service in Apartment Buildings


Managing waste is challenging in many apartment complexes. As the number of remote workers rises, dumpsters are filling up faster. Besides, controlling how tenants sort and discard garbage is tricky.

Valet trash is an ideal solution to the growing waste management issue. Partnering with a company offering these services will boost efficiency.

Are you wondering how to improve waste management with valet trash? Read on to discover some helpful tips.

Address Waste Management Violations

Valet trash companies have some rules that clients should follow. For example, they may require your tenants to place all the trash in the provided bins. They may also ask them to tie garbage bags to prevent spilling.

Addressing violations of such rules can help to ensure efficiency. Valet trash companies will report these violations to you promptly with supporting image attachments of the violations for evidence. This way, you can forward the complaint to residents to prevent them from repeating such mistakes.

Managing waste violations when using valet trash services can help you boost accountability. It also promotes environment-friendly practices among your tenants. Eventually, you can achieve a clean apartment complex with less effort.

Ensure Waste Management Transparency

Assessing the services offered by waste management companies or the municipality can be tricky. Valet trash allows you to ensure transparency and accountability.

Before hiring a service provider, ensure they inform you when porters arrive at the apartment building. They should also send reports detailing the provided services.

With such information, you can quickly gauge the quality of provided services. Besides, you may liaise with the trash valet company to implement effective waste management methods.

Keep Dumpster Areas Clean

Valet trash porters take garbage in pre-provided containers from your tenants’ doorsteps on agreed days. They then empty it in community dumpsters located within the property or outside. This measure helps keep the dumpster areas free of bulky items and debris until the collection date.

When using valet trash services, get a cloud-based solution to confirm that the dumpster area stays clean. You can request video confirmation with a tool like the Trash Scan app. It’s also possible to automate the tracking of tasks such as cleaning common areas like hallways and servicing pet waste stations.

Increase Waste Management Awareness

Educating your tenants on waste management can help you solve many issues. For example, it allows residents to improve their recycling practices. Further, they can identify the best ways to discard different types of garbage.

Boost awareness by providing tenants with the needed resources. For example, liaise with your valet trash company to get educational posters.

Besides, use a cloud-based waste management app that offers an online community. Residents can learn and adopt modern garbage disposal trends with such a tool.

Improve Convenience for All Tenants

Valet trash boosts convenience, helping you solve some waste management issues. Residents are freed from walking long distances to access community dumpsters.

Also, leveraging these services will boost waste disposal practices for the disabled and sick residents.

Use an App to Manage Valet Trash Services

While valet trash services can boost efficiency, you need tools to simplify the process. Get a cloud-based tool to coordinate waste management with your service provider.

A solution like the TrashScan App will provide vital features to solve waste management issues. For example, you can easily forward violations to tenants. Your service provider may also use the app to send detailed work reports.

Streamline Valet Trash in Your Apartment Building

Getting the right solution can address waste management issues. Trash Scan offers the tools you need to connect with your valet trash service providers. When you adopt this solution, you can ease waste management for your residents. Book a product demo now.