Expand While Maintaining Your Gold Standard Service

Expand While Maintaining Your Gold Standard Service

Preserve your brand’s distinguished service as you acquire more clientele

As your valet waste service multiplies outside of your home region, the challenges of ensuring the same standard of service can be daunting. The TrashScan App makes it easy for your brand to mature as you increase your customer list. With quality control features such as a dashboard view to manage your workforce, real time updated reporting, and status of completion available from your tablet or desktop, you can rest assured your company continues to be associated with the quality service it’s already known for.


Track Employee Clock In And Out Activities. Get Notified Of Late Arrivals Or No Shows And Easily Export For Payroll Processing.

Stay Informed On Waste Collection Activities And Contact Employees At Job Sites Directly From Our Mobile App.

Streamline Management Of Service Observations From Documentation Of The Issue To Resident Violations Notifications.

Deliver Added Value To Your Property Managers By Giving Them Direct Access To Service Reports And Capabilities To Manage Resident Violations Reported.