Valet Trash: How it Can Help With Recycling and Hauling for Apartment Managers

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Waste sorting and hauling are a challenge for many apartment property managers. As state and local governments toughen recycling policies, waste management costs also increase. This issue also makes it tough to improve efficiency without lowering the profit margin or incurring losses.

Valet trash is an effective way to manage waste and encourage recycling. Getting such services for your apartments will ease operation and improve tenant satisfaction. Here, we provide more details about how valet trash can simplify waste recycling and hauling.

What Is Valet Trash?

Valet trash is a door-to-door waste management service for apartments and multi-family complexes. Instead of tenants taking their trash to the community garbage compactor, they leave it at their doors or a specific area in the breezeway.
Porters from a valet trash company then pick it up on specific days and times. They may also provide other services such as pet waste stations and dumpster cleanup.

When you partner with a valet trash company, they will provide waste management services at an agreed fee. The exact amount will depend on the number of residents. It can also vary based on the services offered in each package.

How Does Valet Trash Help with Waste Recycling?

Waste recycling preserves resources and lowers your apartment’s carbon footprint. Still, the process requires adequate knowledge to differentiate recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Valet trash companies allow you to avoid all the stress associated with separating garbage. Their porters undergo training to help them identify recyclable items. They can also quickly categorize plastics and other materials into appropriate containers. They use specific standards to classify reusable materials and prevent recycling stream contamination. They also work closely with recycling centers to lower the garbage directed into landfills and incinerators.

By partnering with such companies, you avoid conflicts when tenants do not sort waste correctly. Besides, you reduce your apartment’s carbon footprint and contribute towards environmental conservation.
With Valet trash service, You also offer tenants the convenience of properly disposing waste without leaving the comfort of their home.

When tenants are happy with the recycling services, they may recommend your apartments to others, increasing the demand for vacant units.

How Valet Trash Helps with Waste Hauling

Many municipalities offer waste hauling services. However, your tenants must place garbage in a communal dumpster, which can be located long distances from the resident’s apartment. Trash can be collected at the dumpster or compactor for several days before the haulers empty or haul off the waste container.

Another issue associated with waste hauling services is a lack of accountability. Sometimes, the collectors may fail to pick the waste at the right time or day. Waste accumulation will then attract rodents and flies, making your apartment prone to infestation.

Valet trash allows you to simplify waste hauling and avoid leaving unattended dumpsters visible on your property for prospective residents. Establish steady waste generation trends by incorporating a valet trash service which influences more frequent and stabilized waste disposal. As a result, your waste hauling needs become more stable allowing you to better schedule waste hauling needs throughout the billing cycle.

By opting for valet trash services, you can improve accountability. Companies offering these services use geo-tracking software to monitor their porters. They also require the employees to capture violations for non-compliant residents..
These procedures ensure that you get waste hauling services as agreed. You also reduce violations and always keep your apartment tidy.

Improve Valet Trash with Trash Scan

Managing a property can be tricky since you must offer reliable amenities and services. While valet trash allows you to improve convenience for tenants, you must ensure transparency. Besides, you need tools to help you solve complaints when porters miss pickups.

Trash Scan provides a solution to simplify waste management. This app helps you identify when valet trash porters are on site. You also get a detailed report of every activity, including the emptied bins and replaced ones.

When you adopt this app, you simplify handling violations. Instead of receiving reports for each case, the porters will upload images and details about the issue. You may then get this information from your property manager profile then forward it to tenants.

Leverage Waste Recycling and Hauling with Trash Scan

Valet trash will improve waste recycling and hauling, easing your work as a property manager. At Trash Scan, we have the ultimate software to improve such services. With our app, you can streamline all waste management activities. Call us today to book a demo.