Increase value and reduce costs

Increase value and reduce costs

Provide service traceability to customers and standardize processes that impact the bottom line

The TrashScan App has a variety of user friendly features to standardize enterprise operations. With real time, automatic reports generated daily upon completion of each property, you can effectively manage those properties with lower quality scores and determine which regions require more attention. A dashboard view provides access to all of the key personnel and self-filtered reports based on property allows you to focus on any clients which consistently pose a challenge. Overall, the TrashScan App provides complete oversight in order to organize and create standard business and service practices for your brand.


Track Employee Clock In And Out Activities. Get Notified Of Late Arrivals Or No Shows And Easily Export For Payroll Processing.

Stay Informed On Waste Collection Activities And Contact Employees At Job Sites Directly From Our Mobile App.

Streamline Management Of Service Observations From Documentation Of The Issue To Resident Violations Notifications.

Deliver Added Value To Your Property Managers By Giving Them Direct Access To Service Reports And Capabilities To Manage Resident Violations Reported.